8. A road side vegetable stand seils pumpkins for ss each and tomatoes for $3 each. The total sales ona certain day was $98. I they sold 10 pumpkins write and solve a linear equation to find the numeof tomatoes soid.

Accepted Solution

Answer:a). The linear equation is: 3 t+50=98, where t=number of tomatoes soldb). The total number of tomatoes sold=16Step-by-step explanation:a). Step 1Derive the expression for the total sales as shown;S=(T×t)+(P×p)where;S=total salesT=price per tomatoest=number of tomatoes soldP=price per pumpkinp=number of pumpkins soldIn our case;S=$98T=$3t=tP=$5p=10replacing;98=(3×t)+(5×10)3 t+50=98...equation The linear equation is: 3 t+50=98b). solve for t;3 t+50=983 t=98-503 t=48t=48/3=16t=16The total number of tomatoes sold=t=16