Jake, Becky, and Max are meeting at Charley's Pizza for dinner and then plan to go to a movie. When they arrive at the pizza place, each one of them has a different coupon. They decide to use the coupon that will give them the best deal. Jake's coupon is $19.99 for a pizza and pasta meal deal; Becky's coupon is for two large one-topping pizzas--each at 2/3 of the menu price; and Max's coupon is for three medium one-topping pizzas -- each at 1/4 off the menu price. According to the menu, a medium one-topping pizza is $8.99, and a large one-topping pizza is $14.89. They also spend $1.25 each for sodas and $5.00 on the tip. At the movie theater, Max has a coupon that's good for 1/2 off a third movie ticket when you purchase two other movie tickets at the regular price. The regular price of each movie ticket is $9.80. Although Jake, Becky, and Max plan to split the cost of the pizza and movie, they decide that with the coupons, it's just easier if one of them pays at each place. So, the friends agree that Jake will pay for the pizza and Becky will pay for the movies. At the end of the night, they'll figure out how much Max owes both Jake and Becky.  At charleys pizza Whos coupon should they use?

Accepted Solution

more than because if you add everything then you subtract the answer from 19.99 then you get your answer