The are of the shape is __ square centimeter

Accepted Solution

Answer:35 cmStep-by-step explanation:To find the area of the bottom portion, you would use the formula for finding out a triangle (B*H*1/2) which is:(4+4)*5.75*1/2=23Then, for the top portion, one would find the area of the triangles on the sides (with two marks going through). Since along the middle is 8cm, and along the top is 4, we can see that there is 2cm on either side, so that is the length of the base of the triangle. To solve for the top triangles, you would do almost the same thing as the last one: 2*2*1/2=2But since there's two identical triangles on either side, we can multiply that by two, which would bring it to 4.That just leaves the rectangle that is left between the two triangles. To solve this, it's just B*H and luckily both of those are labeled for you already:4*2=8  Now, to find the total area, all you have to do is add up the areas of the different sections:23+4+8=35 cmHope this helps!